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REPS - Registered Exercise Professional

  • Transform your shape so much that your partner, friends or family say, “Wow – you look great!”
  • Avoid wasting money at a gym where you will probably lack the motivation to turn up regularly for training.
  • Receive expert guidance each and every time you work out.
  • Have so much fun and excitement that you finish your workouts feeling so pumped that you can’t wait to return.
  • Gain a new circle of friends and get a real sense of community back into your life.
  • Become a part of something so special that you want everyone you know to come and join in with you.

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Read what my happy campers think about Stamford Boot Camp...

"Stamford Boot Camp has been a great experience"

"Stamford Boot Camp has been a great experience and I hope to continue. The routines are very well thought out and you can tell that a lot of time has gone into making the training both fun and challenging. Well done Rob..."

Andy C

"It is amazing the lengths I have pushed myself to"

"When I joined Stamford Boot Camp I was apprehensive and thought I would be one of a crowd and an old unfit one of a crowd at that. However, the sessions are very welcoming and it is amazing the lengths I have pushed myself to with encouragement and the motivation from both Rob and my campsters!"

Gillian D

"I've lost 9lbs in 6 weeks!"

"I've just weight myself for the first time since starting Boot Camp and I've lost 9lbs in 6 weeks! I can't believe it! Thank you for helping me achieve the seemingly impossible a month ago for my summer ball."

Antonia S

Boot Camp Options

Option 1: Scheduled Boot Camp

Do you like the social interaction of a group, or maybe you enjoy mixing with like-minded folk and simply having fun?

Perhaps you find gym classes boring and monotonous and would prefer to train in a more exciting and interactive environment?

If being part of a group exercise dynamic is your thing, you can enjoy the cost saving benefits of getting fit and healthy with a warm and friendly bunch of people.

Option 1 Schedules (Morning)

Monday Morning     9 – 10 am
Tuesday Morning     9 – 10 am
Wednesday Morning     9 – 10 am
Thursday Morning     9 – 10 am
Friday Morning     9 – 10 am
Saturday Morning     9 – 10 am

Option 1 Schedules (Evening)

Monday Evening     7 – 8 pm
Tuesday Evening     7 – 8 pm
Wednesday Evening     7 – 8 pm
Thursday Evening     7 – 8 pm
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How much does Boot Camp cost?

Option 1: Scheduled Boot Camp


  • FREE 1 week taster pass – try before you buy

  • Then sign up for Silver or Gold Membership (6 month standing order) & receive 1 month FREE

Bronze Membership


Bronze – £75

(6 sessions)






Payment by cash or BACS

Silver/Gold Membership


Silver 1 – £36/month

(1 session per week)

Silver 2 – £62/month

(2 sessions per week)

Gold – £86/month

(3 sessions per week)


Payment by monthly standing order only

Standing Order Benefits

  • Lower session fees with a considerable annual saving.
  • Guaranteed continuity with zero risk of losing your place.
  • Encourages commitment – commitment is what gets results.
  • No chasing necessary for fees owed.

Please Note: Minimum 6 month contract applies to all standing order Membership packages

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Option 2: Boot Camp Events

Perhaps you are organising a Birthday, a Stag or Hen party, or some other celebratory event?

Imagine the fun you could have with your friends, family or work colleagues performing some of my hilarious and unique team exercise games?

Together we can tailor the program especially to suit your guests so that you all have the best time imaginable!


Register for Boot Camp now Click here No card payment required



Where is Stamford Boot Camp based?


On 1st June 2017, Stamford Boot Camp moved its base to Stamford Welland Academy at the end of Green Lane in Stamford.


What is Stamford Boot Camp all about?


When I created Stamford Boot Camp in the summer of 2010, I could never have dreamed that it would become so popular or how high my client retention rates would be.

What makes this particular group fitness experience so special is the innovative nature of the exercises, the humour of its participants, plus the warm and friendly welcome and support that newcomers receive.

People stick to their exercise regime because of the friendships that are created, the results that they achieve and the excitement that is generated in every single session - they are truly one of a kind!


Will I be shouted at?


Categorically not - this isn't one of those hostile Army Boot Camps! The purpose of my sessions is help you to get results, not to humiliate you.

I am a very friendly instructor and I care passionately about my Boot Camp participants, so whilst you will be encouraged to improve, this will be accomplished with a sense of humour and a smile.


What happens if I do not show up, miss a session or arrive late?


Boot Camp training works because it is about 100% commitment to getting results.

There are no refunds for missed sessions. If you don't show up, I will assume that you have slept in or cannot make the session for whatever reason and will carry on regardless, though this is quite rare. If you are late you will be allowed to join in but expect to work harder to play catch up.

Quite simply, I would expect you to show me the same level of courtesy and respect that you wish to enjoy yourself, but because you will have such a good time and want the best results possible, it will not be in your interest to miss a single session.


Where would I train?


Scheduled Boot Camp sessions are non-residential and cater for people of most ages, body types and fitness levels, with instruction that will motivate you to perform to your optimum level.

The great thing is that my Boot Camp training works equally outdoors or in a cosier indoor environment. It is a year round pursuit (a lifestyle), rather than a fast fix.

I will show you that exercise can be fun, exhilarating, diverse, morale boosting, and most importantly of all - highly effective!


I have never done Boot Camp Training before - will I be able to cope?


For sure! You don't need to be in great shape to participate in my Boot Camp sessions.

It is my goal to get you to where you want to be so it doesn't matter if you struggle at first with a certain exercises as they will be modified to suit you particular level of ability. That way, you will progress steadily as reach week rolls by. That said, if you are already in great shape, you will not be held back either.

Every Boot Camp participant will be motivated to perform to their optimum level of ability, at a pace that is appropriate to them.


Do I need to bring anything with me and what should I wear?


Because you will be expending lots of energy, you will need to bring plenty of water to keep yourself hydrated and a towel to wipe yourself dry.

If we are training outdoors I would advise you to leave most of you valuables at home or out of sight in your car.

When it comes to clothing it really depends upon whether we are training outdoors or indoors and what time of the year we are training.

When we train outside during warmer weather, fitness clothing would is most practical.

During colder weather you would need extra layers of clothing, along with a hat, gloves, and a warm top for when you get back to your car after the session. When we train indoors, fitness clothing will suffice.

Comfortable and practical footwear is essential, whatever the weather or location. A good pair of trainers will suit best in the studio or outdoors in the warmer months, or all-terrain running shoes for outdoor sessions in the colder months.


Who will be suited to this type of training?


As long as you are not too severely deconditioned (you have a life-threatening illness or recurrent serious injury), Boot Camp training will appeal to anyone who wishes to improve their health and fitness, lose weight, improve their muscle tone, and/or make new friends.

My classes are very inclusive: I do not discriminate by gender, age, fitness or ability because every inspires each other regardless.


I am a runner. Would Boot Camp training help me to improve my times?


The answer is an emphatic YES! All of the runners I have trained have gone on to smash their personal bests and what's more, their improvements were rapid.

My Boot Camp programmes help you to build a functional body, with strong legs, a strong core, improved cardiovascular fitness and a higher lactate threshold.

But the improvements are not merely physical so distance runners - especially - will gain from my training as they develop the tenacity and determination to push through to the finish line.


How much weight might I expect to lose?


It is better to focus on how much fat you wish to lose, as overall body weight is irrelevant. However, it would not be uncommon to lose around 1-2 lbs of fat mass each week.

Before you start Boot Camp I would encourage you to record your weight, your circumferential measurements (chest, arms, waist, hips, butt and thighs), your clothes size, and even a photo of yourself.

Providing you train hard in my sessions and maintain a healthy nutritional regime between each session, most people should expect to shed unwanted body fat.

If you do not have a lot of fat to get rid of, your overall weight may not change, but trust me - your body shape will!


Is there anywhere to change?


There are no changing facilities when we train outside; scheduled Boot Camp is an “at one with nature” experience in rural surroundings. But when we train indoors, changing facilities are available to you.


What does do your sessions comprise?


Each session comprises a warm-up, followed by the main session, and concluding with a cool-down.

You may be required to perform bodyweight and/or equipped exercises, partner assisted exercises and/or teamwork, plus many more surprises to ensure that you are always kept on your toes!

Where necessary, exercise are modified to fit your particular level of ability or condition.

All my programmes are designed to progress your fitness session by session, so whether you are out of shape or as fit as a fiddle, this program will work for you.


What qualifications does the instructor have?


I am qualified to REPs (Register of Exercise Professionals) level 3 Advanced Fitness Instructor, have professional indemnity insurance and hold a current first aid certificate.


If I join Scheduled Boot Camp, what would I gain from the experience?


- Fat loss
- Better muscle definition and body shape
- Improved aerobic fitness, stamina, and energy levels
- Increased power and strength
- Increased bone density
- Meet new like-minded people
- Have fun, interesting, and exhilarating workouts
- Greater mental clarity and motivation
- Improved confidence and self-esteem


What is the format?


The beauty of my Boot Camp sessions is that the format changes all the time so you never know what is coming next.

This fluid training methodology guarantees that you will attain the maximum training effect from each session.

I only take limited numbers of participants at each camp to encourage you to bond with and support your class colleagues, and to ensure that you receive the highest possible quality of instruction.

My philosophy is to deliver unparalleled variety, promote team work and a sense of community, and to ensure that my programs will work at all levels of fitness within each specific group.


How often should I come to Boot Camp?


The simple answer is as often and as regularly as you can.

I recommend that most people start by attending once or twice weekly, preferably at the same session times and days, although I am able to offer a degree of flexibility on this, as and when necessary.

Your body and mind react more favourably to a regular training regime and that is the best way to get the results you desire.

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